Using Litigaze to identify smart litigation strategies

There are lots of ways that Litigaze helps legal teams to identify and make smart litigation decisions.

Backed by science

You can rest easy knowing that Litigaze has been built from the ground up based on decision science.

Taking a scientific approach helps avoid gut-instinct guesswork and allows rationally defensible strategies to be identified in even the most complex cases.

Harness human judgment

Taking a scientific approach doesn't mean ignoring the importance of human judgment in evaluating risky strategies.

Litigaze enables human judgment to be explicitly captured to help beat the biases that lead to bad decision-making.

Insights you can see

Litigaze takes a visual approach to identifying, understanding and communicating complex litigation strategies.

Visualizing this complexity helps ensure important details don't get overlooked, while revealing hidden insights that otherwise get missed.

Data driven decision making

Good data is key to good decision making, but it takes more than just good data to make truly smarter data-driven decisions.

Litigaze helps realize the full potential of data analytics by directly connecting data with decision making insights.

Transparency, accountability, consistency

Good decision making requires transparency, accountability and consistency, all of which come baked in with Litigaze.