The plan editor

The plan editor is where you build, share and evaluate plans.

It has a three main parts:

  1. The canvas
  2. The sidebar
  3. The plan menu

The canvas

The canvas is the main area in the plan editor, where you set out the elements of a plan.

As you make changes to elements in the canvas, they will automatically be saved in the background.

For plans that extend outside your device's screen area, you can move around the canvas by:

  • using the scrollbars at the right and bottom of the canvas
  • clicking and dragging your mouse across the canvas.
Note: You can't move around the canvas at the same time as editing plan elements, so the canvas scrollbars and click-to-drag functionality are disabled while editing elements.

The sidebar

You can use the buttons on the sidebar to:

  • Return to your Litigaze home page
  • Show the plan menu
  • Change the layout of a plan
  • Change plan view settings
  • Access help
  • Access your account page

Plan layouts

You can switch between different Plan layouts at any time:

  1. Standard: The default layout that works well in most situations
  2. Compact: Good for focusing on event sequences and for larger plans with lots of events
  3. Multi-goal: Good for decisions where you need to see and compare results for multiple goals  

View settings

You can customize what details are visible in a plan in the view settings menu:

  • Show probabilities switch: Show/hide probabilities in chance cards that you aren't editing or hovered over
  • Show results in cards switch: Show/hide results in cards that you aren't editing or hovered over
  • Show goal results dropdown: Select which goal's results are visible in your plan

The plan menu

The plan menu is where you can find more detailed information and tools for your plan. It contains the following sections:

  1. About this plan
  2. Goals
  3. Variables
  4. Scenarios
  5. Milestones
  6. Evaluation
  7. Share