Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis reveals the inputs with the biggest impact on your best evaluated strategy.

The tool works by changing selected inputs in your plan one-by-one to see how much they change strategy evaluation.

Sensitivity options

You can choose to run sensitivity analysis for:

  1. results
  2. probabilities
  3. financial variables

You can choose different +/- percentages to see how your best evaluated strategy changes when the corresponding inputs are increased/decreased by those percentages.

Sensitivity details

Sensitivity details are displayed in the form of a horizontal bar chart.

Each horizontal bar represents an input that has been changed during sensitivity analysis, according to your selected options.

The horizontal bars are aligned around a central vertical line which represents the base evaluations for your best strategy.

When sensitivity analysis changes each input, the horizontal bars extend out from the central line to show how much those changes impact the base evaluation.

If changing an input also changes the best evaluated strategy, a red icon appears next to that input's horizontal bar.

How to identify key inputs

Sensitivity analysis allows you to identify key inputs by showing:

  1. wider horizontal bars to show inputs with a larger impact on the base evaluation
  2. red icons to show when the base evaluation changes to in a way that results in a different strategy becoming the best strategy.

In both cases, you should consider giving these inputs special attention to ensure they are as accurate as possible.