Goals and results

A goal is a desirable state you want to move towards by a given strategy.

Results are how you measure progress towards a goal.

Financial wealth

By default, newly created plans include financial wealth as a strategy goal.

You can add results for the financial wealth goal as monetary gains and losses.

Custom goals

For decisions with non-financial goals, you can set custom goals in the plan menu.

To set a custom goal you'll need to:

  1. Give your goal a name
  2. Set the result units for your goal

For goals where you want to maximize or minimize a quantifiable thing, you can make the result units the relevant quantity.

You can change between wanting to maximize (more is better) or minimize (less is better) your result units by changing the unit preference.

Goal scores

For goals that aren't intrinsically quantifiable, you can use goal scores to measure progress towards the goal.

Goal scores are the default result units for custom goals, so you don't need to set result units when using goal scores.

Goals scores allow you to add results to events in your plan using a relative scale where you can:

  • Use larger goal scores for events that move you more towards the goal
  • Use smaller goal scores for events that move you less towards the goal
Tip: For events that move you away from a goal (rather than towards it), use negative goals scores.